Whenever Todd asks me where I’d like to go out to eat on a given weekend my answer is almost always Mexican, while his is Chinese. I bet I could eat Mexican food every day. There is something about tacos, enchiladas, salads, burritos that there is enough variety that makes me happy. Here are a few of our favorite local spots, but we are always on the look out for more!

3 Favorite Local Mexican Restaurants

  1.  Morelias:  Let’s just say I could drink their salsa. It is so fresh (and mild!) and is served endlessly right as you sit down to order. I tried to ask for the recipe, no bueno. Family secret they said. Todd and I often share their fajitas, but he swears by their chimichanga and I really love their pork or beef enchilada. The best part is their prices! They are reasonable enough to take the whole family there. It is located close to Fashion Place Mall on State Street.  Mexican Restaurants www.opinionsalamode.com
  2. Lone Star Taqueria:  We occasionally go to Lone Star because it is so close to our house and they offer quick, fresh and cheap tacos. I’ve heard the fish tacos are a must, but I don’t do seafood so you’ll have to try for yourself. I enjoy the carne asada taco or burrito.
  3. Red Iguana:  Red Iguana has been a legend in Utah for a long time now.  If you’re downtown and want a good mole this is the place. Be warned the lines are long, but the service speedy (at least in my experience). This place hits the spot for a night out on the town!

I admit that I’ve never lived in Mexico or can truly attest to what authentic Mexican cooking tastes like on a day to day basis.  And for heaven’s sake I like Barbacoa and Cafe Rio, but do those count as authentic Mexican restaurants? So these are definitely the top three places that my family enjoys.

Do you have any Mexican restaurants to recommend?