It’s garland time, friends! Heaven knows I love a good banner strung up in my house. So here is a personal favorite for you to whip up this weekend while binge watching some of your favorite shows.

Here’s what you need:

Yarn or string type material of your choosing

Fabric scissors

DVD case or cardboard piece



Step 1: Pick your material.

I chose a t-shirt yarn material which can be found by the yarn in most craft stores (or Walmart). You can also make your own and I found this tutorial if you are into up-cycling. Ribbon, yarn, long fabric strips and rope would all make for a great tassel.

Step 2: Wind it up!

There are two ways I always do this:

1: Using a DVD case

2: Using cardboard in the custom cut size I want.

DSC_1420 DSC_1429

Most materials you want to wrap about 10 times. Be your own judge here for the look you want. The more you wrap the material, the thicker your tassel will be. And vice versa.

Step 3: Attach your hanging string.

This step plays 2 roles:

One, it will keep your tassel together after you cut the bottom loose.

Two, you will use this string to hang your tassel on to your final string that each tassel will hang from.


Step 4: Cut the bottom of your tassel.

This is where I love the DVD case. You can easily slip your scissors in to cut the bottom of your tassel.


Step 5: Tie the top.

Take a short piece of your material and tie around the top of your tassel (about an inch from the top). Tie your string in a knot and cut the excess.


Step 6: Hang them up!

Using the long material from Step 3, tie your tassels onto a separate string as shown below. You do not need to worry about making sure they are distanced equally in this step. They easily slide and can be adjusted once they are hung up.


Step 7: Hang and enjoy!

You can hang them on a nail, 3M clear hook or about anything. When hanging, I usually tie a simple loop knot at each end of the garland that allows it to easily hook onto anything. Or in the case of the display below, I duct taped the ends on the back (super sophisticated huh?!).


That’s it! Not too shabby, huh?!

Happy crafting!