Carissa: mother of three boys, organized, new home owner, new home remodeler, fashion phenom (as decided by fellow bloggers), designer, crafter, part-time single wife, decorative book hoarder, sleep deprived, reluctant budget follower, Coke drinker



Marianne: mother of three boys, guilt ridden, literal and imaginary traveler, summer reader, food critic, olfactory critic (what stinks?), Anglophile, shades of Phyllis Diller, television watcher, instructional coach, behavior manager, reluctant piano teacher, Fresca drinker



Maris:  mother of 4 (nearly 5), nurse, allergist, product expert, event planner, straight shooter, field tripper, classroom volunteer, most put together mother and friend everyone wants to have (as decided by fellow bloggers), reluctant house cleaner, Diet Coke drinker, Amazon shopper



Nicole: Lard lover, fermented, kombucha brewer, luddite, soccer coach, America’s Test Kitchen fan, community organizer, pie baker, book-lover, mountain biker, mother of four, NPR-junkie.