We are pleased to bring you our “Monthly Meltdown” podcast right here for your listening pleasure. Each month we will discuss a topic and see where the conversation goes.

episode #6-expectations

8 July 2016

On a very special Monthly Meltdown the ladies are joined by their husbands to talk about expectations. No one expected Justin (husband of Maris) to end the show like he did.

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episode #5-Summer Survival guide

12 June 2016

School’s Out! Now what? Listen up for our suggestions for surviving summer with kids. Plus, you get a pronunciation lesson from Nicole.

Note: This podcast was recorded last spring, so to be clear, Maris is not pregnant again!

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episode #4-Mother’s Day, Yay or Nay

5 May 2016


Aaahhh the joys of motherhood. Love it or hate it, we’re chatting about that special day set aside to honor/torture mothers.

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EPISODE #3-The Life changing Magic of Tidying up

4 Apr 2016

Today we discuss why holding your children, socks and cleaning ladies close to you is important and how it can bring happiness and cleanliness to your home and life.

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6 Mar 2016

Today we’re arguing about who, what, when, where, why and how you should wear a bikini. Plus a bunch of other ramblings about fashion woes.

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 Episode #1 – Love Language

5 Feb 2016

Take a listen to our tribute to Valentine’s Day as we chat about Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll take the quiz to discover your own love language.

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