July, I Won’t Miss You


The month of July is always emotional for me, but this July has been especially so. While there is plenty to celebrate in July, including my anniversary and several birthdays of family members, there are also many difficult memories.

July is the month that my Tachie (grandpa in Basque) passed away. My dear cousin also lost her infant daughter, Lauren, in July several years ago. That same year, one of my best friends, who I think of as a sister, lost her four year old son, Cooper. While seven years have passed since Lauren and Cooper passed away, my heart feels a little heavy, especially in July.


In addition, it was last July when my beloved grandma became seriously ill and passed away a short time later. Now realizing that was my last July with her makes me sad and melancholy. I am grateful that she was able to spend a lot of time with family before she became ill. That gives me some comfort. I also love when my kids talk about her and remind me of certain times or things that they loved. This makes my heart happy. It’s a funny thing when you feel happy and sad all at the same time.

I also find that I appreciate my kids even more in July. July is a reminder to me that life is unpredictable and can be much shorter than we anticipate. It’s a reminder to hold my kids a little longer and to appreciate some of the simpler things in life. For this I am grateful.

So, thank you July for reminding me of the preciousness of life and helping me to enjoy life a little more. Thank you for helping me appreciate my loved ones more fully and deeply. Thank you for the warm summer air and enjoyable evenings. Thank you for the pool days and time spent with my kids. However, with that being said, now that you are gone, I won’t miss you.




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