This is a re-post from last year when we were in San Francisco. Since we didn’t manage to make a trip there this summer, I’m just going to have to placate myself by sharing some of my favorite places from our trip last summer.

Well, school has been in session for a little over a week now and I’m already ready for a vacation. But if I can’t actually go someplace yet, I figured I might as well look back on all of the fun things we were able to do over the summer.

Last month I wrote part one of our experience in the Mission District in San Francisco. So here comes part two.

After our delicious lunch at Pizzeria Delfina. We headed down 18th street to check out Bi-Rite Market.


Out front, we were greeted by buckets of gorgeous flowers.



The inside was cozy and teeming with culinary delights. The first thing Eli saw was the wall of cheeses. He was in heaven. He said this was better than Disneyland.


You know how some kids beg you to buy them a treat at the store. “Pleeeaaase mom, Pleeeaaase can I have that candy?” Not Eli. Our discussion went a little something like this.

“Mom remember how you said we could pick a souvenir from the trip like a Stanford sweatshirt or SF Giants hat?”


“Well, I think I found my souvenir.”


“I’d like that $50 block of cheese.”

How can you argue with that? We took our time making a slightly more reasonable selection and wandered our way through the rest of the store.


I doubt I could afford to make Bi-Rite market my everyday grocery stop but for those occasions when you just want something extra delicious, it’s definitely worth a trip.

Next, we crossed the street to try out the iconic ice cream cones at Bi-Rite Creamery. I’ve mentioned previously how ice cream and travel are synonymous in my family, so we had to check out Bi-Rite Creamery and Bakery.


All of the ice cream is handmade in small batches from locally sourced ingredients. To get the full history, read here.

The boys had a difficult time choosing their flavors. Isaac went with snickerdoodle, Eli took a chance on the roasted banana and Cole stayed true to his all white food roots and tried the vanilla bean.


I was tempted to sample the lavender honey but after eating my entire pizza for lunch, decided to pass.

We strolled down to Dolores Park to finish the ice cream and rub shoulders with the locals enjoying a sunny summer day. On our way back to our car, we passed another Mission must stop: Tartine Bakery.


We were way too late to get their incredible morning bun with cinnamon sugar and candied orange (plus, remember the whole pizza eating incident mentioned earlier). But I had to peek my head in to breathe in the magic of fresh baked goods.


I bought a lemon square and some cookies to take home to my sister and vowed that the next time I was in San Francisco, I would wake up early enough to beat the lines and have a pain au chocolat or morning bun fresh from the oven.


Well, all of this reminiscing has reminded me that fall is a great time to visit San Francisco. Actually any time is a great time to visit San Francisco. So if you do find yourself in the bay area. Do yourself a favor and be sure not to miss the Mission!

What are your favorite spots in the Mission District. What do I need to see next time I go?