Friday Faves : 8 Places to Buy School Uniforms


Just in case you missed this post the first time around we’re sharing it again today. It’s school uniform time and Maris can tell you which ones pass inspection and which ones don’t make the grade.

I know that we are still in the middle of summer vacation and that uniforms are the last thing that anyone wants to think about including me, but I just finished getting rid of this year’s uniforms. While doing so, it got me thinking which uniforms hold up best?

Last summer, when it came time to buy uniforms I was running  behind. My sweet grandma had been ill and I was trying to spend as much time with her as possible. I was also trying to prepare for the birth of Madsen. I was talking to my aunt one day and made some comment about needing to get uniforms for my kids. The next thing I knew, uniforms were on my doorstep! (Thank you Erin for saving me.) My aunt is much wiser than I am and the uniforms she sent held up amazingly well. So, where did she get them? Kohls and Target. Following are my grades for the uniforms I have purchased from various stores over the years.

1. GAP-B

They just did not hold up as well as I would like. The fit at the Gap is always good, but they stained so easily and did not hold up well. Several pairs of pants had holes in the knees by the end of the year. The white shirts from the Gap look dingy and stain much easier than other brands.



They sell the brand French Toast. These have some polyester in them and they hold up well. Adalayde has a button up shirt that was French Toast brand an I am actually saving it for next year. It is even still white! That has never happened before! You can also buy the French Toast brand here.


The Cherokee brand is amazing. The pants have held up well and the shirts look much better than other brands. The collars have held up well and they don’t absorb stains. We will definitely be buying uniform shirts from Target again.



The pants from Crew Cuts fit my children very well, especially my Adalayde, who is hard to fit. They have washed well and not one pair has a hole in them. The collars on the shirts are way easy to iron and look good.


The price and the fact that they seem to have an endless supply of uniforms makes Old Navy very tempting, but they just do not hold up. The collars are hard to iron and look awful. Plus the colors fade. The pants are all stained and have holes.


They have good sales and the uniforms hold up really well. The only reason that I gave them a B rating is because the girls pants did not fit my pretty slim daughter. I felt like they had more of an “industrial” look than a cute/preppy look and, while I want my uniforms to hold up, I still want my kids to look cute.


I am not going to rate them because I have never personally bought any uniforms there. They do carry several brands that look promising like, IZOD, DICKIES, FRENCH TOAST and U.S POLO ASSN. People that I know who shop at JC PENNEY love it and find that they have great sales.


The price is good and the quality is decent. I find them a little difficult to iron, but all in all the are pretty good.

Where do you go to buy uniforms that are well made and look cute too?




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  1. Stephanie

    I get the French Toast brand at Costco. The shirts come in two packs. ? I also like Gymboree…..(when they have sales). Ireland has a hard time with pants but Gymborees ponte style pants work for her. Cat & Jack at Target has that style of ponte pant as well and they come in navy and tan. They are on sale now for $10 online at Target and got pretty decent reviews on the brand. I agree with all your brand reviews. ?

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