There are few things in this world that I place higher importance on than humor. I will let a lot of things slide in my house (language, behavior, attire, etc) if it’s funny. So, of course I watch a lot of comedies. It’s very rare for me to find the perfect comedy that always delivers but there are many that I like enough to keep me coming back. Today I’m going to share a few comedies available for online streaming that I have enjoyed because each one is a little (or a lot) quirky and all of them have fantastic characters.


Best Comedies for Summer Streaming

1. Miranda

Friday Faves: Best Comedies for Summer Streaming www.opinionsalamode.com

I love a good British comedy (I was raised on Good Neighbors) and Miranda is a great modern version of the Britcom. If you loved Chummy from Call the Midwife, then I think you’ll really like to see Miranda Hart playing the slightly clumsy, definitely quirky and always awkward star of a truly situational comedy. Somehow things never seem to go her way, yet they always end up ok in the end. This is a perfect light-hearted, giggle a bit and occasionally laugh out loud comedy. As of today, all seasons are available on AcornTV.


2. You, Me, & Them

Friday Faves: Best Comedies for Summer Streaming www.opinionsalamode.comAnother great ensemble cast comedy, You, Me, & Them is a story that follows a couple enjoying a May to December romance. Ed Walker (Anthony Head) and Lauren Grey (Eve Myles) decide to move in together. Their twenty six year age gap is the least of their concerns. Their respective families give them little time alone to settle in to life together (Ed’s ex-wife lives next door). The strength of this comedy is the eccentricities of each of the characters. I binge watched the whole first season and am anxiously waiting  for AcornTV to add the second.


3. Detectorists

Friday Faves: Best Comedies for Summer Streaming www.opinionsalamode.comI feel like I have mentioned this show before, but even if I have, it’s definitely worth a repeat. Detectorists is the most gentle, quietly moving comedy I have seen in ages. Following the lives of a band of misfits whose greatest hobby is going out in the fields with their metal detectors in search of historic treasure, this “nearly not a comedy” is sweet and poignant at times and also delightfully witty and amusing. I find the subtlety of the show sort of washes over me and leaves me with a smile. You can find seasons one and two on Netflix and AcornTV.


4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Friday Faves: Best Comedies for Summer Streaming www.opinionsalamode.comAnother work of genius from Ms. Tina Fey, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper) is a 29 year old who finds herself in New York starting her life over after being held in a doomsday shelter for 15 years by the Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm). The characters in this show are comedy gold. This is a quirky, clever, witty and insane comedy that truly has me laughing out loud all the time. I’ve been saving season two as a reward for myself for cleaning out my hall closets. I can’t wait to get started (watching, not cleaning obviously.) Both seasons are available on Netflix.


5. A Moody Christmas

Friday Faves: Best Comedies for Summer Streaming www.opinionsalamode.comI believe I have saved the best for last. Friends, I have have an obsession with Australian television and this show might be the pinnacle of my viewing pleasure! This show! I laughed so hard that I cried. The characters are so dang funny! (I’m using a lot of exclamation points here.) I almost can’t describe it. I want you to watch and choose your favorite character. The story line is genius. Every year Dan Moody comes home from England to Australia for Christmas. Each episode represents a new year and the evolution of the family over the past year. Honestly, it’s comedy genius. One year, his brother is my favorite character, the next it’s his dad, the next his uncle. If you watch this, I’m afraid it will give you a window into my brain that may or may not be good. If you don’t find this show funny, I won’t hold it against you but we probably can’t be friends anymore. (And for those of you who don’t like it, you will be wondering why I do and probably won’t want to be my friend anyway, so it all kind of works out.) If you’re up for the challenge, it’s available on Hulu.

Hopefully you won’t all think I’m crazy after watching these comedies. I told you in advance they were quirky. But that’s what I love about them.

So I’m off to clean the closets because I can’t wait to see what Kimmy is up to next…