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5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah

It’s has been hot in the city these past few weeks and we are desperate to get out of the heat. So today’s throwback is to some hikes…


Throwback Thursday: Chalk it Up!

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a quick and easy craft project to do this summer. You guys, my love for chalkboards is beyond my love for homemade wood signs…and…


Throwback Thursday: Operation Menu Board

First, I have to give a high-five for all you food rhythm, good-food-brained moms, wives and individuals that can cook incredible and healthy meals on a whim like…


An Organized Car Life

Remember Maris’s post on her car life? Read her post. It’s awesome. And she has some great tips. And….let’s just count this as a continuation of her brilliance….


Tassel Garland

It’s garland time, friends! Heaven knows I love a good banner strung up in my house. So here is a personal favorite for you to whip up this…

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Friday Faves: Kid Travel Items

Happy Friday, weekday survivors! It’s the weekend! Hallefreakinglujah! And although we just barely returned from a vacation, I feel the need for another one. If only life had…


Cake Topper and a One Year Old Birthday

I can’t even believe my baby is one! Gah! Where does time go? I swear it was just yesterday I was partying in the hospital with two of…


Spring it Up, Folks

As I have mentioned, I like to decorate based on seasons rather than holidays. It takes far less time and is much less to store (insert winking face)….


Saturday Surfing

It’s the weekend! Hallelujah! And holy smokes, folks, I entered the land of the thirties recently (insert wide eyes, stressed face and tears). I didn’t think turning thirty…

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School Art Tornado

Tornado. It’s the only word that comes to mind when I think of kid school work. The papers are scattered everywhere. I find myself cursing at the constant…


Defeat the Cold Day Blues

You guys! It is supposed to be 75 degrees and spring-y outside and yet, I (literally) sit here in my own house in a down coat because I…

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Friday Faves: It’s a GIVEAWAY!

Hello, Friday! It’s basically the best day of the week since it’s the last day of the week. Don’t you agree?! And this fine Friday is extra awesome…


Green Week: Green with Product Envy (and a discount code to cure it!)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, friends! I hope today is fun for you no matter how your party-animal spirit contributes to the holiday. I know for me, I never…

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Graceful Defeat

Here’s the thing. I try to be a “never give up” sort of person. I have bad days and occasional attitude problems, but I try to be a…


Saturday Surfing

High five, folks! You made it to Saturday! I’m feeling emotional this Saturday because… You guys! My baby is turning one! (insert my crying face). I cannot believe…

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Wood Sign, Take 2

Remember my post awhile back about my favorite side hobby? Well….here we go again! However, this time I needed to do something different with my signs so my…

BeFunky Collage

Simple Sign

Every wall could eventually use an update. So here is one that you can fall instantly in love with that, bonus!– will cost less that $20 and only…


Friday Faves: Bath Products

As a mother, not a lot of “me” is actually mine. You know what I mean?! I share everything, so my bath products are the one item I…


Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!

Any one else feel like ^ that^ when they have a birthday?! Because that is totally me some years! When the good heavens did birthdays become so anti-climatic?…


Let’s Detox!

Hello, New Year! Should we celebrate that we made it through January?! I used to feel like that every year. Like February deserved a celebration simply because I…

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Saturday Surfing

Happy weekend, happy weekend, happy weekend! (insert me jumping for joy….literally). Saturday is here! The free range day to do whatever. Play? Sure! Paint the house? Sure! Tackle…

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I Heart Pom Poms

I love being a mother. It’s fun and awesome and totally rewarding. With those perfect smiles that melt my heart, those kisses and hugs I want to never…



Yep, I believe in fun. I mean, most people do, right?! Granted, the definition is constantly changing to fit into my current stages of life, but I never…


Alter Your Fashion Sense

  Fashion is funny. Everyone has their own definition and point of view of what fashion even is. And I am always stunned when I come across fashion…


Say What You Want Wood Sign

Fact:  Getting what you want is sometimes super easy. I love to craft and I love it even more when it’s simple and quick. Wood signs are everywhere…


Saturday Surfing

Hello weekend! Doesn’t Saturday just beam happiness?! I totally think it does! Let’s be real, as a SAHM, Saturday isn’t really a day off like it is for…

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Photo Albums

  I love a photo album, whether it is my own or a friend’s book (they make great coffee table books), I love flipping through memories. I will…


Happy New Year’s Eve!

Can you even believe 2015 is over?! Holy camoly! I am in a little bit of shock. This year has been crazy. But then again, I feel like…


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish everyone a very happy holiday weekend! I hope everyone gets to enjoy the peace and quiet or the wild chaos that your holidays…