It’s has been hot in the city these past few weeks and we are desperate to get out of the heat. So today’s throwback is to some hikes that are friendly for all ages.

Here are 5 kid friendly hikes to get you out of the heat.

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah

1. Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com(Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir)

This is one of our favorites year round, but during the summer it becomes a hike we only do in the evening. It’s about a mile and a half round trip with about 450 feet in elevation gain (from the Granite Trailhead parking lot). This offers a lot of (mostly) flat trail to run on, which in our house of boys, is the best part. Bring a lunch and picnic. The reservoir is beautiful and offers great spots by the water to throw rocks and eat.

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com(the trail of Lower Bell Canyon)

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com(by the water where we eat lunch)

2. Ensign Peak

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com(the top of Ensign Peak, and yes, this is an old picture!)

At under a mile round trip and only 380ish feet in elevation gain, this hike is a must do. It is short and sweet and offers great views of the Salt Lake Valley. The top offers a great view and a cemented area that makes for a great spot to picnic.

3. Grandeur Peak

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com(Grandeur Peak trail)

Ok, for you hikers out there, don’t panic. No, my kids cannot hike this actual trail! Good heavens, I can barely hike it! Which on a side note, adults — this is a great hike for you. As far as kids go, however, it is an awesome trail to hike until the kids are ready to turn around. It offers great views the entire way and you can make it as long or as short as you want. Or in our case, until our wild boys are ready to crash as soon as we get home! There are a couple picnic tables at the start of the trail that make it easy to pack in a lunch if you want.

4. Rocky Mouth Waterfall

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com(playing at the Rocky Mouth Waterfall)

This is one we do over and over. It’s a little less than a mile round trip with only about 310 feet in elevation gain. It’s short and sweet and the kids love throwing rocks at the bottom of the waterfall. Take note, there is not a comfy place to sit and eat.  Every time I attempt to picnic at the waterfall we end up with empty stomachs and me cursing at my dirt-covered sandwiches.

5. Quail Hollow Trail

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com(Quail Hollow Trail)

I do not actually know how far this walk is or if there is any elevation gain (it feels fairly flat the entire time). And if you Google it, I can’t guarantee you will find any information. So take it from me! You can park on the west side of Wasatch Blvd. right across from La Caille. The trail is short and easy but a great place to run out some of that energy kids seem to carry in bulk.

5 Kid Friendly Hikes in Utah www.opinionsalamode.com

Have fun hiking, friends!