Throwabck Thursday: 5 Hidden Gems in Utah


Today’s Throwback Thursday provides 5 lesser known places, hiding in locations around Utah, that many of you are probably already planning to visit this summer. 

Before I got married, I would impress Todd by jumping off the third platform at Cottonwood Heights Rec Center (33 feet) or by skiing off snow covered cliffs at Snowbird. I don’t take as many risks now that I am a mom and old, but today I thought I would share 5 hidden gems in Utah that provide what Todd refers to as “bonding with a little thing called calculated risk.” Whether you want to jump off cliffs or not, these places are great for getting you and your daredevil kids out of the house this summer.

5 Hidden Gems in Utah

1. Bloomington Caves

Hidden in the dry lands of south west St. George are caves that run nearly two miles into the ground. Don’t forget your flashlight, gloves and hard hat (we used bike helmets). No repelling equipment is necessary. The temperature inside the caves is about 58 degrees all year, but it is very humid. You’ll need to get a permit first, but it’s worth the long, dusty drive out to the caves. It is definitely not for the claustrophobic. You’ll squeeze, crawl and climb through tight spaces.

Opiniona A La Mode: 5 hidden posts

2. “I” Street bike trail and jogging hill

This spot can be found high in “The Avenues” area of Salt Lake City. You can let the kids drop the planks and fly high on the dirt jumps while you try to conquer the hill in your running shoes. You can get a feel for it through this video, but don’t worry, there are jumps for all levels.

3. Bartlett’s Wash, Moab

This BLM land is a slick rock dream for mountain bikers. It is 20 minutes outside Moab and you can camp for free (rugged camping style, with nothing but the land and the stars).  And if you’re feeling super adventurous on your bike, there is a seriously scary drop called “the toilet bowl.” It is a hidden rock trail and the scenery is spectacular if you can make it to the end.  It is a moderate climb with a fun cruiser to reward you on the way back.

Opinions A La Mode: 5 Hidden Gems of Utah

4.  Echo Reservoir Cliffs

With the Summer Olympics just around the corner, are you prepped and ready for platform diving? Just forty minutes East of Salt Lake City are the cliffs of Echo Reservoir. Play it safe and do the 10 footer, or risk life, limb and joint and plunge your beautiful body off the 60 foot ledge. This video gives you the idea.

5.  Rope Swing at Smith and Morehouse

Tired of pushing your kids on the swings at Bear Park for the last 16 years? Here’s one for you. The 30 foot swing on the east side of the reservoir plunges you into winter cold water. Don’t land on a fisherman. Just watching people do it makes my heart start to race!

Here is a link of Todd doing the rope swing too.

Most of these activities I would say are for kids 12 and older.  Although each place allows you to do something to your comfort level.

Utah is rad!  Enjoy!


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  1. T. Mark

    Now this is where its at! Being outside. Getting creative. Risking it with the Family. If we die, we die together. Great Post!

  2. Trisha terry

    My family had a cabin near smith and more house and we just recently noticed the rope swing but have never seen anyone do it! We may have to venture over there and send a brave soul to try it out!

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